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Because Not All Pizza is Created Equal!

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Buffalo Chicken Pizza

What’s better than a crispy chicken wing along with a hot and crispy pizza? A pizza that combines the two! Tender chicken chunks coated in buffalo wing sauce and topped with creamy ranch dressing, banana peppers, and crunchy chopped celery. BW who?


For that one meathead in everyone’s family. “A Slice Above” introduces you to our meathead. Real Italian meatballs complimented with diced onions, mushrooms, and sharp cheddar cheese will tempt even the sanity of Archie Bunker.

The Big Q

As in Barbecue. Our own homemade BBQ sauce, tender chicken, sweet diced onions, all covered by sharp cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. (Try it with pineapple. Really!)

South of the Border

For the Tex-Mex food lover, this pizza blends the distinctive taste of Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese with diced onions, green peppers, black olives, and seasoned ground beef, all covered with a zesty salsa sauce.

Nacho Pizza

Everyone has a taco pizza, but no one has a nacho pizza. Think about it. Creamy cheddar cheese mixed with salsa, seasoned taco beef, hot jalapeno peppers and then topped with crispy tortilla chips. “Areeba!”’

Where’s the Beef?

Here! The American Beef Council would be proud. Pepperoni, Italian sausage, beef, pork, bacon, and Genoa salami make up this carnivore delight.

Pizza Margherita

No, it’s not a drink. However, the taste of freshly chopped garlic, sliced tomatoes, basil and parsley mixed with imported olive oil and Romano, can be an intoxicating experience.

The Twister

This is probably the most unusual pizza creation my twisted mind has come up with. It’s a soft pretzel pizza! Just think about a creamy cheddar cheese sauce topped with those chewy soft pretzels you can only get at the mall and then add a drizzle of honey and a generous layer of our mozzarella, provolone cheese blend. Trust me, you’ll love this pizza. Guaranteed!

Our Best

Pizza of The Month

Mac Attack-Jaworski Special

Macaroni & Cheese meets pulled pork! Tender macaroni topped with Jaworski's special pulled pork and covered with cheese sauce, bq sauce, Montrerey Jack cheese, Parmesan Cheese, and toasted bread crumbs!

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What People Say

  Very good!! If you like a bready pizza this is the place! We got the Truty Fruity and it was yummmyyy! I would recommend some bacon though. I will definitely be back to try other specialities!

thumb Alexis B.

  This is is easily the best pizza place in Northeast Ohio. Skip the chains and go here and Tip them great because they deserve it. It could only be made better if some of their monthly pizzas like Mashed Potato and the current Pierogi Pizza were permanent staples.

thumb Sutton K.

  This is by far one of the best pizza joints in all of the surrounding areas of Cleveland. Pizza is amazing and tasty; come here and pick something out from the menu that you have not had at any other location, as you will be amazed at how good the food is. I can't recommend one specific food item, highly encourage you to try it. Great customer service!

thumb Mike V.

  This place has achieved cult status in the Strongsville / Middleburg Heights area. You've probably heard the rumors about this place. Believe me, they're true. Whether you are eating by the slice or the whole damn pie, you are eating the best pizza in the area, including some legendary pizzerias in Cleveland proper. So many varieties and combinations that you wouldn't think would work, but always end up blowing you away. Chicken and waffles pizza? Yup, they got it. As an added bonus, it's a part of an equally legendary Strongsville bar...the Office. Roll in for a pint or four at the Office and then order a pie at the bar and enjoy! Who needs to cook dinner at home when you can come here, get lit, and enjoy the best pizza in the area? The answer? Nobody!

thumb Steve M.



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Because Not All Pizza is Created Equal!

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